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Hey there! Firstly, let’s clarify something.

Blade is already one of the most powerful WordPress themes because is completely based on our customers’ feedback. However, this is not enough for Greatives. We feel that we have to make the Most powerful WordPress theme, the only one that covers anyone needs and offers a pleasant environment for both users and developers. Be sure that we intend to increase more and more its Flexibility and, simultaneously, retaining its amazing Simplicity.

  • New Custom Mode of the Portfolio Items in the Overview
  • New Hover Style in Portfolio Element
  • New Element Countdown
  • New Element Testimonial Grid/Masonry
  • Maintenance Mode Page (Configurable)
  • Coming Soon Mode Page (Configurable)
  • New Option to Configure the Gaps in Grid/Masonry elements
  • New Options to adjust the Container Size in both Boxed/Stretched layouts
  • New Responsive Menu Style
  • New Side Area Menu Style
  • New Option to have Pagination in Carousels
  • New Option to have Fluid(Full Width) Buttons
  • New Options to customize the Search Page (Title, Menu, Content)
  • New Hover Style in Gallery Element
  • New Contact Form Style with Icons
  • Description Support in Menu Items
  • New Responsive Option in Feature Section (Background Position)
  • New Option to select Custom or Classic Map (Featured and Map Element)
  • Custom Titles for Product Tags
  • Custom Titles for Post Tags