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Our Team I

We are blade team A highly resourceful, innovative, and competent PHP developers team with extensive experience. Designer ALEX SMITH FacebookTwitterE-mail Photographer MARIE GERALD FacebookTwitterE-mail Developer TOM MARTIN FacebookTwitterE-mail BECOME MEMBER…

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Services II

OUR SERVICES01 Our PhilosophySHARING EXCELLENCE We strive for excellence and share our knowledge so that users and developers become creative and great.02 Our ScopeBUSINESS JUMPSTART We test the limits of…

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Advanced Promo

This is a special element. You can easily create a nicely colored tabbed sections (rows) with an image (logo), text and button. It creates very appealing and interesting areas to…

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Custom Headings & Typed

07elements / classicCUSTOM HEADINGS & TYPED TEXT You are able to select any Google font you like, set the size, the tag, align, color, line height and set the link…

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Media Boxes

13elements / classicMEDIA BOXES Media for Blade means image, video or map. Combine one of these with title, text, link and you’re ready! Motion Design Badge Lorem ipsum dolor sit…

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