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Version 1.4
Version 1.4
Movedo v1.3
  • Added
  • Amazing New Content Manager to import specific sections from Movedo Demo Learn More
  • Amazing New Import on Demand Mechanism to import specific content from Movedo Demo Learn More
  • Competely Redesigned Movedo Demos Interface
  • New Grayscale Effect in Portfolio Element
  • New Grayscale Effect in Gallery Element
  • New Grayscale Effect in Single Image Element
  • New Grayscale Effect in Products Element
  • New Options to have Columns 1/2 & 1/3 on mobiles (not just 1/1 or Hide)
  • Updated
  • Movedo Extension (v 1.4)
  • Movedo Demo Data Importer (v 1.4)
  • Ensure Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.0RC1
  • Improved
  • Responsive behavior of the Image Text Element
  • Active color in the Widget Menu
  • Offset of the Portfolio Filters after click
  • Responsive Issue with the Embedded YouTube Videos
  • Fixed
  • Product Gallery Issue when the product area is not full-width
  • Issue with the Horizontal Submenu highlight overflow
  • RTL minor issue in the product variants
  • Related posts cannot be disabled under specific circumstances
  • Issue with the isotope elements and the flexible carousel in the Modal Element
  • Tour Element issue on Responsive mode with the Title background color
  • Issue with the Mega Menu (2-3 columns) in Boxed Layout
  • Issue with the Anchor Menu in Boxed Layout
  • Internet Explorer issue with the Middle Content