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All entities Move and nothing remains still.

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Break free from sameness, say yes to uniqueness.

One needs to be fearless to become peerless.

Version 2
Version 2
  • Added
  • New Demos to get inspired
    • Movedo Modern Corporate Visit
    • Movedo Landing One Page Visit
    • Movedo Hosting Case Visit
    • Movedo Blog Case Visit
  • New Clipping Animations in Columns
  • New Option for shadow in Columns
  • YouTube Video in Feature Section
  • Field to add Text in Header Elements
  • New Gradient Buttons
  • New Shadow Option for Simple Buttons
  • New Shadow Option for Single Image Element
  • New Shadow Option for Pricing Table Element
  • New Clipping Animations in Single Image Element
  • New Clipping Animations in Title Element
  • New Gradient Option in Title Element
  • New Page Loaders
  • New Dialog Mode (custom width) for the Custom Modals (Small, Medium, Large)
  • New Effects for the Feature Videos
    • Animated
    • Classic Parallax
    • Advanced Parallax
    • Fixed Section
  • New Animated Google Map Markers
  • New Options for 1,2 columns layout for Carousels (Blog, Portfolio, Product, Gallery)
  • New Responsive options for Carousels
  • 2 New Styles for Quote text
    • Quote with Icons (7 font libraries to select)
    • Quote with Line
  • New Newsletter Form Style
  • HTML videos enabled on devices
  • New Typography Option for Quote text
  • Updated
  • Movedo Extension (v 2.0)
  • Movedo Dummy Importer (v 2.0)
  • Improved
  • Responsiveness of the Anchor Menu
  • Resize in Video Backgrounds
  • Movedo Post Hover Style in Overview
  • Fixed
  • Issue with Slider/Flexible carousel in Tour element