Osmosis 3.0 is here!

One more big update of Osmosis theme
Osmosis 3.0 is here! 1232 700 Theme Author

One more big update of Osmosis theme has been launched.

As we said before, our customers deserve nothing less than being extremely satisfied! The Osmosis 3.0 provides a new Header Layout (Logo on Top), Maintenance and Coming Soon functionality, Countdown Element and many more features and improvements. Enjoy it!

Let’s see briefly the changelog of the Osmosis 3.0:

  • New Header Layout - Logo on Top
  • New Corporate Demo with the New Header Layout
  • New Option for Maintenance Mode
  • New Option for Coming Soon Mode
  • New Countdown Element
  • New Icon Element
  • New Icon Libraries (5+1) to use in the elements
  • New Testimonial Grid & Masonry Element
  • New Option to use the Featured Image in Testimonials
  • New Contact Form- Style with Icons
  • New Breadcrumbs Functionality
  • New Option to have gaps among columns
  • New Option to have middle content in columns
  • New Options to set up your menus and mega menus via GUI
  • New Style Options for the Go down Arrow in the Feature Section
  • New Responsive Options in the Feature Section (change BG position)
  • New Animations for elements and for the Feature Section content
  • Categories Ordering in Testimonial
  • Visual Composer (v 4.10)
  • Blade Extension (v 2.0)
  • Blade Demo Data Importer (v 2.0)
  • Scrolling Page Load
  • Anchor Links Issue (Bookmarks)
  • Isotope Filters on Click (Top Position)
  • Modal (Popups) close for the whole overflow area
  • Video Popup redirect on mobiles
  • Issue with Isotope elements in Tabs, Accordions