What our premium WordPress and HubSpot themes provide.

They break the mould to adjust to your creativity. You don’t need coding or design skills to get professional results; you have complete control over your website’s look and feel.

All-in-one solutions

We believe our customers should be able to create awesome websites without learning to code. With that in mind, we build our premium WordPress and HubSpot themes. Our back and frontend philosophy allows users to develop websites that lead to awesomeness and nothing less.

Code quality

The quality of your site’s code is essential because it affects how well your site performs on search engines and how easy it is for visitors to use. It also affects how fast your site loads. We follow official WordPress Codex rules and HubSpot guidelines, so your website will have a long-lasting experience.

Premium designs

The best websites are those that look great on any device, whether it’s your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Whether you want a simple blog site, a portfolio, or an entire eCommerce store, we offer many premium, pixel-perfect designs to get inspired and stand out with a professional website.

What we do

We motivate people to

Customers’ feedback always encourages us to evolve both products & services.

Some time ago I asked if it was possible to add some things that I now see all in this fantastic new theme. So in addition to reliability, excellent assistance and quality you can find in Greatives Team a “presence” in the past, present and future! Thanks!
albertoguccione – Code Quality
Who you are will show in everything you do, and I have never met anyone from the Team at movedo but their support, designs, style elements is nothing short of amazing. Their designs helps me express everything I want to show to my customers. It’s a treat to build with movedo, it has lots of options that ultimately reflects the impressions you want your customers to feel. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Evoxweb – Customer Support
Great Design, Fast response with support. I also noticed they update this theme often. Which is why I would highly recommend.
samagbon – Customer Support
Amazing. A truly beautiful theme. The main reason I always use Greatives themes, is the support. Other than their themes being magnificent, they support their users and listen to them. Every theme gets a bunch of new features which are tailored to the customers needs. And this is no exception. This will be my go to theme of choice from now on. Not only for the great customer service, but its just so beautiful to use. I can throw up a unique site that amazes my customer, in less than 2 days!
DanielPerry – Customer Support
I’ve been using this theme for a couple of websites for years now and the author is constantly updating it with new features and bug killers. I highly recommend purchasing this. You won’t be disappointed!
iamcoxnow – Code Quality
I hate to narrow the choice to one reason for rating Impeka 5 stars, because I would give it 5 stars for any reason listed. I was able to explore the Impeka pre-release, and I’m super excited to put it to work, beginning with my own site revamp. Amazing combination of thoughtful creativity, elegance, and functionality! Greatives build gorgeous, imaginative, and innovative themes, and this is the best yet. My clients are continually impressed with the quality of the sites I have produced for them due to Greatives’ genius. But you can’t separate the product from the team — 5 stars, too, for customer service — as I have always found Greatives to be very responsive, friendly, honest and, above all, helpful.
daylightinc – Design Quality
I have been using Movedo with a big happy feeling always for years. The customer support of Movedo is so warm and useful always. I submitted many tickets to ask questions about Movedo and each response was so quick, clear and friendly. I really deeply trust the Greatives team because of the team’s terrific designs, keeping strong security with frequent updates, and above all, the best customer support like no other. I can recommend Movedo with confidence.
teamsaw – Customer Support
Great, flexible theme! Movedo is easy to modify with CSS, very responsive and very SEO friendly. Plus it has lots of great interaction and module options. Thanks for a really excellent theme!
KAstrae – Flexibility
One of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful theme I saw on this platform and in 2021 in general. Also for this price and for the support given an absolute bargain. Highly recommend!
chrissie3k3x – Design Quality
Awesome theme with a wide variety of customization options. Very easy to adjust, besides there is a lot of information on how to use any function. Design is awesome! Absolutely love it! Thank you for a great job!
iurikd – Customizability

What our
clients created

The best way to learn about a product or service is to see how others use it. For this reason, we publish websites created with Greatives themes which are based on real-life scenarios. We want to show you how our customers use our themes to create beautiful websites.