Great design and a lots of customizable pages. Have to underline the perfect after sales service / thanks Envato! Fits for many business purposes. Personally i am using Corpus for my digital Agency in France.
lbertotti – Design Quality
This is the best company I have ever worked with as it relates to customer support. Friendly, timely and very helpful. Additionally, the theme is equally amazing. Looks good and it’s easy/intuitive to edit the way they have set it up in the admin. I love these guys and love this theme! Thank you, Euthemians!!!
hoppermike – Customer Support
Awesome theme with a wide variety of customization options. Very easy to adjust, besides there is a lot of information on how to use any function. Design is awesome! Absolutely love it! Thank you for a great job!
iurikd – Customizability
When you review something in Themeforest you need to choose the main reason for your rating. This is very hard in case of the Crocal template. Really five-star in every category! Looking forward to try other works from Euthemians!
ht1080z – Design Quality
Impossible to choose 1 option for why these guys, not just this theme but the whole team is 5 star. If you are reading reviews to make a decision then look no further. Been with these guys for many years and I work with absolute confidence that if I need any advice or guidance in the direction I am pushing the theme the support and expertise is there. I simply could not work comfortably without all the well-considered and workflow minded additions to Visual Composer and the theme options. Love you guys, you make my job a pleasure. Cos x
candydes – Feature Availability
I don’t usually leave reviews (this may be my first actually), but I felt the need to drop a comment for Crocal. I’ve used a ton of themes, and this one has by far been the most flexible and easy to use. And at the same time, it has a great organization system, defining colors, typography and title sections in ways that make it easy to duplicate the same layout from page to page. Great stuff, I hope the devs are able to keep this one humming for years to come!
triangle-media – Flexibility
Best ever theme I bought! I buy themes frequently for customer projects but after more then 30 themes, this one is BY FAR my favorite. It has many useful demo pages, best thinkable usability. Never came to a point where I had to fix something. Can’t find anything bad about this.
andyreutimann – Customizability
Fantastic. By far my favourite theme. Super flexible, great templates, superb support. Performs well in speed tests. Integrates well with all the major plug-ins. Easy to navigate settings and page builder. Couldn’t be happier!…
DanielPerry – Customer Support
I am still in the creation process but I am really impressed with the Crocal Theme. It’s so flexible, well-documented, simple and I think that it has almost every needed feature available. Excellent work.
xxronisx – Flexibility
I could put five starts for every category. The theme is fantastic. Great pre-built pages, amazing and fast support. Very clear documentation, excellent customization ability — we love some of the “extra” features built into the theme. This is the fifth time I’ve purchased the Crocal Theme. Five of my last five websites are built on Crocal… and I have no intention of stopping. My clients are happy, we’re happy, and we know we can count on Crocal to continue to offer new designs and great support. And the site speed is the best out-of-the-box loading we’ve ever experienced from a theme. Bravo, team!
Helmhue – Customer Support
Great Theme – various Theme Options – various Content Elements and clean code for customization! Great Theme Support if needed.
UlfMeyer – Customizability
I have worked with many themes, this is reliable and above all requires very little intervention because the display on all devices is perfect. The theme imports are complete throughout, the use of external plugins (such as the cookie policy) has become a thing of the past as this theme offers everything a freelancer needs without wasting time. The site is also very fast. Compliments.
Nico17 – Feature Availability
I did hundreds of websites in the last 20 years. the Crocal Template is the best I have worked on within this time. The code, customizability and support are at the highest level. It would be hard for me to say which theme is equivalent.
andi-s – Customizability
These guys always build great themes. Their attention to detail, typographic awareness, elegant & beautiful well thought-out layouts. I purchased this one without looking at the demo too closely as I knew it would be amazing. Support them and buy this theme everyone. It is very easy to work with and their support is excellent too.
puregd – Design Quality
Have been waiting for this new theme by greatives for a long time and after just playing around with it for some minutes I have to say, that this is how a theme should be. Fantastic state-of-the-art design and features, many super-helpful details, choice of the two most popular page builders and – what might often be forgotten – really speed-optimized. This will be our go-to theme for a lot of projects. Thanks greatives team for this marvel.
hiegl – Code Quality
I hate to narrow the choice to one reason for rating Impeka 5 stars, because I would give it 5 stars for any reason listed. I was able to explore the Impeka pre-release, and I’m super excited to put it to work, beginning with my own site revamp. Amazing combination of thoughtful creativity, elegance, and functionality! Greatives build gorgeous, imaginative, and innovative themes, and this is the best yet. My clients are continually impressed with the quality of the sites I have produced for them due to Greatives’ genius. But you can’t separate the product from the team — 5 stars, too, for customer service — as I have always found Greatives to be very responsive, friendly, honest and, above all, helpful.
daylightinc – Design Quality
AMAZING Theme by one of the Best Developers/WP Designers EVER!! #winWINwithImpeka
thewebstylist – Design Quality
I just installed it and checked it out! The design and responsiveness is phenomenal. If you combine this with the impressive support quality of the author this theme is a must-buy!
lamprosp – Design Quality
Amazing. A truly beautiful theme. The main reason I always use Greatives themes, is the support. Other than their themes being magnificent, they support their users and listen to them. Every theme gets a bunch of new features which are tailored to the customers needs. And this is no exception. This will be my go to theme of choice from now on. Not only for the great customer service, but its just so beautiful to use. I can throw up a unique site that amazes my customer, in less than 2 days!
DanielPerry – Customer Support
My web design @thewebstylist recommended this theme as the best of 2021for him to build my new site with, and indeed AMAZING 100!! #winWINwithImpeka
RayBlanco – Design Quality