Blogging is beneficial for both businesses and freelancers. It is an increasingly spreading tool to enhance awareness and website traffic. So, it leads to more prospective customers. Specifically, blogging helps you:

  • Increase your visitors
  • Present a reliable profile
  • Connect with your customers
  • Show your brand to your visitors
  • Pass on your knowledge or experience

or you can even make money. In this article, we’ll show you some ways and tools to improve your blog writing and make it more effective.

Blogging requires you to devote time

Blogging requires devoting a lot of time to provide a good result. If you spend just a few hours on your post, the result won’t be that satisfying. If you need to improve your blog writing, you need to stay focused on the following:

  • Firstly, you must find your subject by looking for what your audience would love to read.
  • Of course, it is useful to see what’s trending to find out what most people are interested in. Do extensive research and provide your point of view on the subject. Sometimes, you just need to write about something you already know well.
  • Inspect your competitors for ideas and strategies. See how they do it and what you can do to improve it and make it unique.
  • Create your content strategy. It is one of the most important. The content strategy generates leads from your blog. It is essential to know where you are addressing. It doesn’t include only the text but also the media you choose for your blog posts and the whole way of promoting your brand.
  • Last, writing posts occasionally discourage visiting. You must show that you are still active and willing to share your knowledge or experience. Otherwise, visitors will not remember that you’re writing a blog.

Tools to improve blog writing

Plagiarism Checker

First, remember that you should never copy content from other websites. Sometimes even if you don’t do it on purpose, you can have the same phrases as others. On the other hand, when you read other articles, it is possible to remember exact phrases that can lead you to plagiarism. One helpful plagiarism checker tool is in Small SEO Tools. It will help you avoid mistakes of that kind and keep your blog SEO-friendly.

Grammar Corrector

Grammarly is a good and popular corrector for grammar and syntax errors that you might have in your text. Even native speakers can make mistakes. So, Grammarly is here to save you! It also has an online plagiarism checker and other features that help you even find more good words for what you need to write. On the premium plan, you get many features. But, even the free plan can turn out to be valuable.


A great tool to organize your projects is ClickUp. You can leave notes, communicate with colleagues or customers, upload files and set goals – an app to replace them. You can even show the progress of your project to your client and communicate if you are a freelance writer. There is a free plan, but paying is worth it if you have some extra budget.


No post should be written without taking SEO into consideration. Happily, in WordPress, we have useful SEO plugins that help us create posts to rank higher in search engines. The best plugins in this field are Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack. SEO plugins will show you all the basic tips that you can follow in your post text and media.

Create Designs

Canva is an app that makes design seems easy. From social media posts to logos and blog banners. There are numerous ready-made templates to choose from or modify to make your post stands out. Besides, you can use a sledge of elements, photos and videos to create something new from scratch, even if you have no design experience.


Every post should have a design, image or video. Media gives a complete aspect of your post. Fortunately, great websites to find professional images, photos, designs or videos, free or with a fee, are Unsplash, Freepik and Pixabay.

Is This All?

All these are powerful tools that help you create beautiful blog posts easier. There are plenty of others that you could find depending on your needs. However, the primary way to create appealing blog posts is through blog design. Use a premium, high-class WordPress theme. MoveDo theme offers amazing blog demo pages and three different handcrafted Blog elements to reach all your expectations.

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