There are thousands of WordPress themes out there. Sometimes it gets difficult to decide which one you should choose for your upcoming website. There are a large variety of free themes and premium WordPress themes.

Even if you are a developer or someone who just wants to create a website, themes are making website development much easier for you. However, there is uncertainty on whether to choose a premium or a free theme.

So, when the time comes to choose seems like free themes would be always a catch. But is this true? How spending money to buy premium themes could be a more clever choice when you have so many different types of free themes? What exactly premium and free themes provide will give the answer for this.

The truth is that definitely, you don’t always need a premium theme. It depends on your project and your skills in every specific case. For example, if you just need a blog with some basic features you don’t need to buy a premium theme for this as you can have a nice result even without it. However, design and functionality are not the only reasons that you should care about.
So, we’re going to analyse why premium themes are so important for your projects compared to free ones.

Important Points

Whether you are a developer or not, buying a premium theme will save you much more time. You don’t need to search and add external plugins to extend your website features or make your own WordPress customizations. In case you have a problem or you need some help you get quick and reliable support. Usually, premium themes offer many demos which you can get inspired of or use page layouts and features.

Free themes give you the potential to try them without any cost. But the truth is that usually when you pay you get a better product with much more services and possibilities. Otherwise, no one would use something that could get for free. Also, if you get a theme that you can learn and use in many different cases is an investment for your next work. Probably you would never need to hire a developer, designer, a security or SEO expert if you use a Premium theme. On the other hand, is a free theme even if you’re not all the above it’s possible you would need some assistance on different domains. In addition, with premium themes, you usually get bundled useful and important paid plugins such as advanced page builders and premium sliders without getting a new licence.

Technical Support
Free themes usually have limited support. Usually, that’s because authors don’t have the time or money for it. With a premium theme, you get high-quality support from the author. Support heroes and developers are specialised to help you with all theme related issues and provide extensive documentation.

Design and responsiveness
Premium themes like MoveDo offer astonishing design and modern-unique features for different website types. It is simple to create unique layouts and beautiful projects quickly. Of course, most premium themes like Greatives themes are fully responsive and come up with special demos or layouts for mobile apps which could be very useful.

Updates and Security
Premium themes provide continuous and life-long updates. Every time that WordPress or bundled plugins have a new update premium themes release a new feature that will provide compatibility. This offers them more security than free themes which would probably stay without any update for long with open security risks.

Optimized for Speed and SEO
Premium themes usually provide valid and clean code. This leads to speed and SEO optimized websites so you won’t need to offer more time or money.

Ability to Use in Different Cases
The best of premium themes is that they have flexibility. What does that mean? It means that you can create totally different styles of websites on one website. Also, you have the opportunity to start with a style but if you decide that you need to change it afterwards you can do it effortlessly. In addition, you can use the same theme in many different projects which means that will save you time on learning new panel options.

Use and Customization
Modern and popular page builders are often included in premium themes. This makes it super easy to design a website even if you’re not a developer. They give drag and drop options to create modern layouts with great functionality. Themes like Greatives’ offer their own handcrafted elements with bundled Page Builder plugin. When the time comes to add your personal design or functionality idea to your project you can always contact Greatives freelancing services for the proper solution. Furthermore, these themes give many panel options to customize your web pages instantly.

In a Word

Premium themes probably are not always necessary but if you need to break free from monotony is the proper choice. For style, functionality, flexibility, ease of use, security – speed – SEO and support it’s by far a more right decision. Free themes can also offer great design, code and features but they lack all of the above.
Using a premium multi-purpose theme opens great opportunities. Because not only you have a high-quality theme but you can use it in many different projects as well. If you think that you need to change the style of your project later you can manage it in a simple and safe way too.

If you decide to get a licenced theme is always good to remember that you should never use a nulled one. There are some websites where you can easily find big lists of premium themes like Themeforest of Envato. Themeforest is a marketplace with a huge collection of handpicked themes and layouts.

So, when your next project comes think again about what you need to create and how long you want to maintain it and you will get the right decision.

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