It is known that WordPress powers over 30% of all websites. It is a good choice if you are an experienced developer or if you are going to build your first website/blog. You should first consider finding a good and proper theme and choosing the right hosting plan.

Selecting efficient hosting services is one of the most critical issues in website development for performance and security reasons. Server choice and optimisation are radical factors in website speed. Also, it is responsible for security reasons and for how safe your website will be.

In addition, before making your choice, you should consider two serious points. Firstly, you should check if the hosting you would pick complies with WordPress requirements and, secondly, the theme requirements like MoveDo recommended server settings.

So, let’s dig into our hosting possibilities for a WordPress website.


Shared Hosting is a common WordPress hosting for small blogs and businesses. In this option, you share a physical server with many other websites. It is a low-cost solution; you don’t need many development skills. However, sharing the same server with others keeps a low capacity of visits and CPU usage.

VPS Hosting

A virtual Private Server, also known as VPS, is a virtual private server that is created by dividing a physical server. Although in this way, you can get an economical version of a private server so you can control your server settings, you have to obtain high-level technical skills in server administration. This option fits larger businesses and blogs.


In Cloud Hosting, you use virtual servers on the cloud and distribute your website content in them via the internet. This allows you to choose different servers with different possibilities and select a more affordable plan depending on your specific needs. Moreover, your website is less likely to go down as you use many different servers. Nevertheless, it is recommended for people who know how to manage their server settings. It is suitable for sharing content, social media or high-traffic websites. run on Linode Cloud Hosting. This company provides Linux virtual machines from different node locations and with different resources on the cloud. Our Agency website,, uses Cloudways, a Managed Cloud Hosting provider partnered with Linode, and they are offering a great managed Linode hosting plan for WordPress.

Dedicated Server

With Dedicated Server Hosting, you get full access to controlling your server settings, possibilities, and resources. This physical server belongs only to you, and you are responsible for installing WordPress and managing resources and security. It is not that inexpensive but is the best plan if you are a developer and create large blogs or business websites. If you don’t have advanced technical skills, you can ask for help from someone else.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is an excellent choice for WordPress websites if you need a complete server plan and are not a server administration guru. With this plan, you get a WordPress installation directly on your server. Plus, you don’t need extra knowledge about server security, updates, settings, backups and performance. Usually, this hosting is a proper solution for small blogs and websites and large companies’ websites.

In brief

So when the time to decide comes, you have to think about three critical aspects:

  • What your website is about
  • Why do you create it
  • How many users will visit it per month

You should pick the appropriate plan depending on your website/blog content and intention.

A second important consideration is a hosting provider. You have to find out how good and reliable is a hosting company and if they offer good technical support. You can inspect all these by checking the hosting company’s reputation and reviews.

Even though some companies have free hosting services, we wouldn’t recommend them for any WordPress website unless it is in a testing phase.

Do you need a hosting option, but you don’t have the technical skills to support it? Keep in mind that there are many companies or freelancers that you can hire to do the hard work.

After this brief explanation of hosting services, we hope to have helped you with the tricky part of server selection.

The fastest WordPress hosting IS NOT the most expensive hosting.

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