Sterling William, one of our lovely customers, recently commented about Blade:

YAS!! Blade by Greative$ I just noticed has THE Highest WordPress theme rating 4.98 (for this many sales and up) of ANY big selling Theme!! #WellDeserved!

Sterling William

In every new release of our Themes, one of our main targets is to maintain their flexibility and simultaneously retain their simplicity by adding new elements/options, some of which are demanded by our lovely customers.

In this release, one of our additions is the RTL (Right To Left) Support which means that your website can now be compatible with the RTL languages such as Arabic, Persian, Hebrew and Urdu. Those people also deserve to work in a friendly web environment to them.

Some of our customers had demanded the possibility of adding the usage of YouTube Video background in the row/section, and here it is. You request, we add. It is so simple.

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