We’re delighted to let you know that Blade v 3.0 is out. Update Now!

One of our main key points as Greatives is to never abandon any of our existing themes. Even for our older themes, we’ll be always here to provide an update ASAP if any issues appear due to potential incompatibility with the newest WordPress versions. No matter how old is a theme, it must be functional for several years. This is our personal promise and our loyal customers know it very well.

According to this philosophy, we’re now following the new WordPress Theme Requirements by Envato. It simply means that we are refactoring ALL Greatives themes. Starting from Blade, we’ll sort out everything is needed in order to comply with these requirements. Stay tuned!

Blade v 3.0 is a major theme release so be sure to update the required plugins, especially Blade Extension, to avoid any compatibility issues.

Noticeable Changes

– New Central Admin screen
At the top of your WordPress Dashboard, underneath Blade button, you can now control almost everything. Check your system status, discover the Demo Importer, create custom sidebars and link to Theme Options, Documentation, Video tutorials and Support System. Plus, view the theme required and recommended plugins, to be always sure you’re up to date.

– Gutenberg Optimized
Gutenberg editor is styled to match the frontend output as closely as possible. This includes any fonts used and any dynamic styles coming from settings etc. Change the editor widths to match the widths used in the theme as closely as possible.

– New Update Mechanism
We use Envato Market plugin instead of the Envato Toolkit plugin which is no longer supported and will stop working in the near future. With the new mechanism, you will get notified about new theme releases just like any default WordPress theme under Appearance > Themes.

Unnoticeable Changes

Widgets were moved to Blade Extension (plugin territory)
Metaboxes were moved to Blade Extension (plugin territory)
Javascript Refactoring

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We’re celebrating the release of Blade v 3.0 with a Sale.

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