We’ve recently updated Impeka (and soon our other themes) to include HubSpot as a recommended plugin! HubSpot is the leader in inbound marketing and a maker of Sales, Marketing, and Service software that can help your business grow better.

With their free HubSpot WordPress plugin, you can add key functionality to your WordPress site — all without typing a single line of code. The all-in-one HubSpot plugin is value-packed with free tools like CRM, live chat, forms, analytics, and email that we think to compliment our themes quite well.

We’ve tested out the plugin, and we like HubSpot for a few key reasons:

  • It’s easy to integrate and free to use.
  • It provides a lot of marketing value from one plugin; you don’t have to worry about speed & maintenance issues caused by multiple marketing plugins.
  • Features can be used from within the WordPress dashboard rather than navigating to an external website.

We’re excited to recommend this plugin to our customers for all these reasons. Here are some quick ideas of how you can add HubSpot’s marketing tools to your Greatives-created site:

Key features of the HubSpot plugin

Add live chat to your pages

Adding live chat to your pages makes it easier for your team to connect with your website visitors in real time. Use these conversations to collect leads, provide support, and close deals. You can even set up chatbots to respond to visitors when you’re offline.

We use this feature on our Impeka demo site to chat with visitors interested in our themes:

Live chat on Greatives website
Live chat on Greatives website

Organize, track, and nurture leads in a CRM

CRM (or customer relationship management) software is important for nearly every type of business. It provides a centralized location to manage your contacts and lets you see every interaction a visitor has had with your site — from filling out a form to receiving an email to visiting a page. Managing and following up on this data is a powerful tactic for today’s modern marketer.

HubSpot CRM software
HubSpot CRM software

Send emails using a drag-and-drop builder

With the HubSpot plugin, you can create marketing emails directly within your WordPress dashboard. You can build an email from scratch or choose from more than 20+ well-designed templates.

HubSpot marketing emails
HubSpot marketing emails

How to get started with HubSpot

If you’re interested in adding this plugin to your site, here are some quick steps you can take to get started:

Install and activate the plugin

Install HubSpot plugin from Impeka plugins
Install HubSpot plugin from Impeka plugins

From the Impeka startup wizard, select HubSpot All-In-One Marketing to pre-install the plugin during theme installation.

Alternatively, go to the plugin repository from the left-hand side of your WordPress dashboard, click Add New, search out HubSpot, click install now, and then click Activate.

Install HubSpot plugin from plugin repository
Install HubSpot plugin from plugin repository

Create or connect your HubSpot account

Once the plugin is installed and activated, create a free HubSpot account or log in to your existing account.

Create HubSpot account
Create HubSpot account

Explore the user guide

Once your account is activated, you can start exploring HubSpot’s free tools from the user guides. There is a quick start guide for setting up live chat, forms, contacts, lists, email and reporting from the plugin.

HubSpot’s free tools - User Guide
HubSpot’s free tools – User Guide


Once you’ve integrated Impeka (or another Greatives theme) with HubSpot, you’re on your way to growing your business better. Capture leads, nurture them, and get a more holistic view of your marketing performance!

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