WordPress makes it easy for anyone with digital skills to create a website or e-shop. That makes it the most popular CMS. But just creating a website is not the only necessary task to start. Firstly, you should build your brand.
Building your brand strategy is reflected on your website, blog, or e-shop but not only on this. Brand means a compilation of things. Your brand stands for your business purpose, what you want to show to your audience, and which is your preferred audience.

What is your brand

Your brand is your business identity and the reason it is unique. Before anything else, you should consider what your brand is. You need to find the idea and give it form. Make the right questions you need to start with your brand:

  • The purpose of your brand
  • Set your goals
  • Find your audience and see what audience you would like to have

All these should appear in the digital presence of your brand. First of all, it’s time to think of or reconsider your brand name. You need something unique but also representative of your work.

So, without further ado, let’s see what it takes to build a brand.

Website Style

Starting with your website style means the whole concept of the look of your website. What impression your website should give to visitors? For example, serious, funny, modern? Style ties in with the brand category field. It is clear that for a lawyer’s website, you need a more professional and serious aspect. But a playful mood is more appropriate if your brand connects with children. So, you must investigate the right style for your case depending on your goals, purpose, and audience. All the other steps are related to this style.


The next step is to pick the proper theme. There are thousands of them in the best theme marketplace. You can find themes for economic websites, blogs, and many different occasions. However, usually choosing a multi-purpose theme will cover your needs.


Logo design is also a foundation for your brand development. It is the first image that you see when you visit a website. Also, a good logo is what visitors will remember. And every time they see this logo, your brand will come to their mind.
Hiring a graphic designer is the best solution for your logo design. However, if you have some relevant skills, you can create your own using programs like Gimp or the easiest way of using online tools like Canva. Then, usually, you can upload the logo under the theme options.


Now that you have a theme, it’s time to choose brand colours! These colours should match your logo colours. The colours of your brand are an essential factor in marketing. Colours create emotions and desires. So this is why the largest companies have strong colours to accompany their logo. These colours will be your website colours too. In WordPress, you can add or change colours under Appearance > Customize. Brand colours are often found in headers, buttons, links, and icons.


Now we are coming to text appearance. Regularly, in a premium theme, you can define your website typography from many available fonts. Google fonts, for example, are the most popular fonts with many different options. Typography should keep up with the website style first. It reveals the mood and all the impressions you want to create for your visitors. So they can better understand your brand and connect with it.


Content could mean your text, the images or videos you choose, your slogan, and anything related. It is the way your words will sound to visitors. Building your content strategy will bring and keep your audience on the page and make them take action. Actions like contacting you, buying a product, or connect to your social media, and more.
A content manager will bring your brand to the next level. But if you can’t afford one, you can research steps in content marketing strategy and build one yourself.

Social Media

Do you think that’s all? Don’t forget your brand’s social media presence. Your pages and accounts should share the same style as your website. Also, all the content you upload, such as images and posts, should be consistent with your brand style and, of course, on all platforms.

Build your brand strategy today

Don’t forget that branding is a compilation of marketing and web design. All these steps will help you boost your brand awareness and generate leads for your business.
However, if you’re unfamiliar with these fields, you should hire a branding specialist and a good web design team. Our agency designs and creates a unique brand strategy and the proper design to support it.

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