In this uncertain time of the pandemic, most people have chosen or have been obliged to social distancing.

In such a hard period for the whole world, we have one more bet to win: to keep our creativity and productivity alive. Due to the lockdown, conferences, training, and most people have been led to work remotely or not at all. So, we need to take advantage of this isolation.

We can find the extra time we were looking for and reclaim it. There are plenty of things to do from our home that we fill these longer days with fun and productivity. So, when this all passes, we would have enhanced our knowledge and made the progress we were looking for in 2020.

Learn new skills

  1. It is the best time to develop job-ready skills by attending online courses. Many universities have launched free online courses during this period. Class Central provides a useful list of free online learning and other resources to support us here. Also, Udemy offers a list of free courses to boost our knowledge here. If you think you need something more advanced, you can also search for paid courses according to your needs.

  2. Always wanted to raise your website ranking on search engines? Maybe the time has come. You can find many tutorials about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the above or other pages. Yoast SEO also provides this period of free SEO training.

  3. If you are also the content editor of your website then it is a good time to get into Content Writing management and improvement. Find useful tools to help you and find out ways that drag readers and clients. There are various tools helping on brainstorming, planning, writing, editing, social media management, SEO and adding media.

  4. Never had much time to follow new changes and tools for your work? Time to get more informed! Read articles for what’s new in web development and WordPress. Join new social media groups and find people that you can discuss and share knowledge and experience.

Improve your websites

Another important job you can do is improve your live WordPress websites. This could affect/mean various fields.

  1. You can look for new plugins that will add original and valuable functionality on your website. Make your survey on plugins pros and cons and add new features that make your website unique, functional and safe.

  2. Do you have an old-fashioned website? Change design! Websites need renovation when they use out-of-date design trends, and they don’t bring in enough business. Planning the next version of your website can take a long time. You need overall research and a new strategy to promote your business. So, maybe is the best time to start and move one step forward. Using modern schemes or even moving to a different WordPress theme can make your website stands out.

  3. Another important part is to make your website safer. Hardening your website has a major impact on traffic and therefore in results. We have a simple guide here on how you can secure your WordPress website.

  4. Improving your site performance is another strategy to increase clients and search engine ranking. There are many steps that you can follow to boost performance for a successful website.

Get involved with Social Media

In today’s world, Social Media are vital for business. You need to show your work/products and communicate with your customers. The existence of a social media page shows a more serious profile and is incredibly practical in communication – especially in this period of social distancing, where physical communication finds obstacles.

If you haven’t already, you should start creating your business pages/profiles and add them to your website. Then you need to learn how to take advantage of these tools. Many plugins (free or not) will assist you in reaching your customers and spreading your content.

Of course, you should be active and publish posts frequently. A great tool to work with, especially for your social media posts, is Canva. Using Canva can help you create beautiful designs for your posts easily and quickly and look like a pro. There are plenty of templates and elements to use and create eye-catching posts.

Start a new project

Developing a new project idea always demands a large amount of time. So, it is time to plan thoroughly and create your next website.

WordPress is the best option for creating every website that you get in mind. It is simple and provides many great design, functionality and scalability options.

If you need to start something new but don’t have the time or knowledge to proceed as you imagine, our agency is ready to help you with your new project idea. Get a free quote and discuss your thoughts to start planning.

Social Distancing can offer personal growth

During this critical time, everyone needs to keep his/her mental and physical strength despite social distancing. Of course, it is time to rest but not to lose our creativity. The best way to do it is by continuing to do things that please us and make us productive.

It is an opportunity to improve and gain ground on learning important skills and improving our projects. When this period passes, we would have gained all the necessary supplies to continue with all our best.

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