WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) for website, web application and blog development.

CMS is an easy way to build and transform web content. Compared with other CMS systems like Squarespace, Wix and Weebly, it has some important advantages that we will analyse below. The benefits suit everyone, regardless of his/her coding skills.

Of course, we are talking about WordPress.org, a free and easy solution with great flexibility for blog and website development. We are not going that far to compare WordPress.org to WordPress.com. We must mention that the first one is the self-hosted WordPress which gives much more options for web development.

Free open-source with a big community to support it

Being free is one of the best factors of a platform. Anyone can download it, even if he wants just to test it. Surely we like free tools, and it is great to promote this idea in software like this. The only money needed is for your web hosting, domain name and possibly for a premium theme that you can choose to expand your website quality and capabilities. Moreover, being free doesn’t make this CMS lacks quality. Open-Source means that many people contribute to its development while users help with testing. That leads to a huge community that helps one another.

Easy to use and learn

WordPress is very simple to learn and use for beginners. Even if you’re not code-savvy, you can find it facile to create a blog or website. Also, it’s pretty easy and quick to install or update it. You just choose elements to add to your page content. You get built-in elements and design features with themes and plugins.

The large variety of themes and plugins

Blog and Website development are easier in WordPress with themes and plugins. There is a huge selection out there to choose what you need. Themes and plugins are powerful tools that give stupendous flexibility or your website creation. You can find free or paid advanced solutions like a premium WordPress theme like Movedo. Modern design, great functionality and optimized SEO are some of the pros. This variety allows you to create almost any website that you would need. Everything is possible, from simple businesses to real estate websites. Themes are easy to find in online marketplaces like Themeforest, which offers high-quality products.

Good for SEO

WordPress takes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into serious consideration. If your website ranks higher on search engine results, it will be more popular. So your website is more successful. For this reason, it is valuable if your platform has built-in SEO tools. A qualitative premium theme improves search engines’ results as it follows SEO best practices. Additionally, efficient plugins help you improve SEO practices like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack.

Build with security in mind

WordPress values security too. WordPress core software has enhanced security levels. Also, it focuses on continuous security hardening with frequent updates. Everyone would prefer to keep a secure website/blog/web application. There are many risks, so the reduction of vulnerabilities is indispensable. It is much easier and time-saving if the platform offers high security. However, as security is so important, you should take your precautions too. WordPress.org provides a guide to checking to keep your website safe. Again, you can heighten your website security with good premium themes and third-party plugins like Wordfence.

WordPress matches everyone

After all, a major reason is that over one-third of all websites worldwide are made with it. People love it and use it more and more in many different projects. The WordPress community is growing, proving that it’s a great tool.

It is obvious that WordPress is a good choice for people who have no idea of coding, but it is powerful for developers as well. With WordPress, you can use astonishing ready-made design features and functionality. You can update easily, use multisite mode, and keep many websites together. Modifying and advancing a theme or plugin on your own is possible. You can even create your plugins according to your needs. Also, have high security and SEO level on your website with less effort. This saves you much more time.

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