Finally, it’s MoveDo time.

We’re thrilled to announce Movedo v. 3.0, our Top Rated theme, is even better. After Osmosis, Blade, and Reload, it’s Movedo’s turn to follow the new WordPress Theme Requirements by Envato. Update Now!

Movedo v 3.0 is a major theme release so be sure to update the required plugins, especially Movedo Extension, to avoid any compatibility issues.

Noticeable Changes

– Gutenberg Optimized
Gutenberg editor is styled to match the frontend output as closely as possible. This includes any fonts used and any dynamic styles coming from settings etc. Change the editor widths to match the widths used in the theme as closely as possible.

– New Option for the GDPR feature
We have added some more options to the existing built-in Privacy/Cookies feature. You can now place the Privacy bar left and right and not just in the centre of the screen. The new section was also placed under Appearance > Customize to specify your colour preferences.

– New Google Maps Options
Amazing Google maps Gesture Handling option to provide the best UX when visitors navigate pages with Google maps.

Unnoticeable Changes

Widgets were moved to Movedo Extension (plugin territory)
Metaboxes were moved to Movedo Extension (plugin territory)
Javascript Refactoring

Now available for only $35 – 40% Off!

We’re also celebrating the release of Top Rated & Seller Movedo v3.0 with a Sale.

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