Based on our lovely customers’ feedback, Movedo’s dummy content is huge. It is exact.
Most users purchase a theme because of its functionality. Apart from that, they may prefer to use just a few layouts from the demo content, not the entirety. It is also accurate.

Therefore, except for the one-click dummy content, we were obliged to offer various ways to our customers to get Movedo’s demo content. So, we introduce 2 alternatives, user-friendly and flexible mechanisms.

Content Manager

Our brand new Content Manager; an amazing new feature integrated into our extended Visual Composer. What is the concept of it? We severed the content of Movedo’s demo into smaller sections to give us the option for our customers to use specific parts of it. As for the images, our customers may use either placeholder instead of randomly picked images from Unsplash if they want to show samples of their work with real images.

Import On Demand

Do you just need specific pages, portfolios, posts, or products of our demo content to create your site? Do you just need to import a few pages to understand how the theme works and what certain elements and functions offer you? You can achieve this easily with the Import On-Demand feature in our redesigned import interface. Choose these specific pages, portfolios, posts and products you wish to import into your site. Select the ones you prefer via the available multi-selectors under Movedo Demos and click the button Import Selected. Of course, you can still import the entire dummy content. It is up to you. Have fun!!!

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