WordPress (WP) is one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) to create a website with more than 30% of all web today. What makes this CMS so amazing is how:

  • easy is to learn
  • fast you can create a website
  • much functionality you need

You can create almost every kind of website that you need. And here comes the essential role of WP premium themes that you can find in the market.

Movedo is a creative and multi-purpose premium WP theme with awesome design and functionality features. Suited for general or specific-purpose websites, corporations, freelancers, agencies, photographers, designers, bloggers. Movedo provides various detailed case studies to pick or get inspired. It is an incredibly helping tool to create quickly a guaranteed quality result.

You should begin with finding the right hosting and connect it with a domain name. After this you’re ready to start!

1. Install theme and required plugins

Firstly, you need to install WordPress if it is not installed yet from you or your hosting. WordPress is pretty easy to install and you can find many tutorials out there. Then, you need to visit your WP dashboard. You can find it by logging in to yourdomain/wp-admin.

After signing in, go under Appearance > Themes. It is time to install the theme. Click “Add New” and upload the .zip file that you’ve downloaded from Themeforest by clicking the “Upload theme” at the top of the page.

An alternative solution is to upload theme via FTP under wordpressfolder/wp-content/themes. You just unzip theme file in this folder.

Installing the theme is not enough. You need to install and activate required plugins as well to ensure everything will work properly. You can find required plugins easily under Movedo > Theme Plugins or Plugins tab.

Here is our guide to help you install Movedo and theme plugins.

2. Choose a demo that suits your project

Now that you have your theme ready is time to start with your website development. Movedo provides many demos that you can choose according to specific website cases. Currently, you can pick one of 17 unique and awesome demos.

Demo is a set and complete example of a website for a specific case with dummy content and images. It depends on what’s the type of business/industry or if it is a personal website or blog. Explore our demos under Movedo Demos.

You can import a demo under Movedo Demos or Movedo > Import Demos.

Firstly, you need to check if your server settings fulfill the recommended server settings.

recommended server settings
Movedo Importer

Then you can proceed to demo import. You can see all demos in action by clicking Live Preview and when you choose the right one for your case you click Explore Demo.

explore movedo theme demos
Movedo Demos

Movedo gives you a robust opportunity to Import a Full Demo:

import full demo in movedo theme
Import Full Demo

or import pages, posts, products and portfolio/area items from different demos via Import On Demand:

import on demand in movedo theme
Import on Demand

You can find helpful import a full demo guide here and import on demand guide here.

3. Make it unique

Now it’s time to make this website unique and add your own branding!

Most changes can be made under post types or Movedo > Theme Options tab.

  1. Replace texts with those related to your website in pages, posts, products, portfolio and area items.
  2. Replace images with your own. If you need to keep demo images you will need to buy a new license because we do not transfer any licenses for the images used in the demo sites.
  3. Replace logos under Theme Options > Logos.
  4. Change contact information, social media and add your own map location in case you use this feature. Social media accounts should be set under Theme Options > Social Media.
  5. Change website colors via Appearance > Customize with your branding colors or something more suitable for your case.

4. Add new content

If you need to present more content in your current website it’s simple. You can add a new page, post, product, portfolio or area item in your website. The most common is to create a new page that is needed to display additional information to your project.

Besides, Movedo comes up with a large number of different template layouts to choose between via Content Manager. This is an easy and great way to differ and include more useful content on your website.

content manager in movedo theme
Content Manager

Then remember to add this new content to your menu or footer where needed.

That’s all?

Voilà! If you thought that to create a top-class website in WordPress wasn’t that easy Movedo is here to prove this wrong. You have a ready and impressive website in one day! Of course, you can continuously upgrade your website functionality and performance. It is vital to enhance your website security and improve performance – website speed. In order to keep a quality product, you need more effort and time.

Most of these improvements can be implemented via plugins. WordPress offers you the advantage to select between plenty of plugins according to your needs. Last, an important note is to remember to update theme, plugins and WordPress frequently to ensure that everything works as it should.

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